Erika & Chris

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My name is Erika Ruiz, and on Thursday, November 15, Miguel Angel took engagement photographs of my fiance, Christopher Sopha, and myself at Casa Mariposa, the beautiful South Padre Island establishment where we will marry. Miguel eased our nerves, and made us feel very comfortable, as he snapped shot after creative shot. What impressed us the most, was his uncanny ability to pose natural, fun, and attractive pictures that captured our personalities perfectly. Miguel had us chase each other up stairs, peek around doorways, embrace in a turret, and stand before a threshold framed by bouganvillias. We look so natural in the photographs, and we anxiously await our wedding, where we will display some the pictures captured in the same location the guests will be sitting in. We were nervous about the process, because we had seen so many engagement photographs that look stilted and posed, but ours are, thanks to the creative talents of Miguel Angel.