Brides & Grooms Love Our Wedding Photography & Films

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Why we get so many great bride testimonial?

We are a company that makes business a little different; personal connection and customer service is in top of our priorities! We are going to do everything in our power to make sure you have the best experience with us from beautiful images, high quality products and top of the line customer service. When you get your wedding photography and wedding films with Miguel Angel Photography & films. You will get the assurance that our team will excel your expectations. Custom wedding packages are available.

Custom packages are available and will help you customizing a package best suited to your needs and expectations. Our clients have total control over the packages and will never be push into adding products or services really don’t need it. Our clients have a voice and opinions in the style they want their wedding photography when we are doing the engagement, bridal or wedding day coverage. Wedding Albums, Photo books, save the day cards, DVD cases etc., and all the product are designed to fit your style and personality.

Itinerary and rehearsal.

A wedding itinerary is a great helper for our wedding photography and wedding films. A itinerary let us know how you want things to get done, a wedding is super personal day that you can add different traditions and wedding rituals but the only way we are going to know it by using the itinerary. Another tool we use to make sure we are in the same page before the wedding day is by going to the wedding rehearsal which will go free of charge. We assist to the rehearsal to get to know the wedding party and close family, the church lighting, present ourselves to the priest, go over the formation and any other details. We won’t be cameras, we won’t take pictures. Unless this option is purchased.

Accessibility and prompt responses

We honestly believe that we just rock this two aspects of the business, Accessibility and prompt responses. We are always available to meet in person at our clients convenience, talk over the phone, text (who don’t love texting), Facebook inbox, Emails, Video Chats, We suck at smoke signals but we are working on it. 

We usually respond immediately, If not we may have an appointment with a client and we should respond under 2hrs. Don’t believe it. Try us