Leslie & Brady

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"Our story is not like that of any other. We are two people that were never supposed to be together. They say though that you can't keep real love apart, and since we've found each other we have been completely inseparable. In all things, we have put our relationship first. Finding that we are truly soul mates has made us turn from our selfish ways and really focus on the needs and wants of the other. It is almost daily that i catch myself thinking, am I really marrying this man? Brady really is the man of my dreams and my knight in faded blue jeans, not so much shining armor. There are also two other very large parts in our lives, our dogs. We have an Australian Shepard, Lacie, and a bloodhound, Ginger. They really are our children and are treated as such. Our lives revolve around our girls. We are actually moving to our new house because of them; it has a large yard for them to play in. If I could leave one piece of advice for anyone, it's never settle. If Brady and I had ever settled in any aspect we never would have found each other."