Wedding Videography Vs Wedding Cinematography

Wedding Videography

We often get asked, “What is the difference between wedding videography and wedding cinematic-films ?” It’s a common question among brides planning a wedding, and looking to add another way to capture the emotions and memories of the wedding day. A good way to explain it would be to use an example: when you’re watching a home video versus watching a movie; you can notice a difference. The shooting technique, the image quality,the lighting, the music and the storytelling are better in a movie right? ... because the cameras and the equipment but even more inportant is the cinematographer . their knowlegde and talents makes for great films. same thing for wedding cinema vs wedding videos . (Maybe I went a little extreme but you get the idea.)

Wedding Videography is not really creative and it doesn’t use any sort of storytelling. It is purely meant to capture the entire event from beginning to end without much artistry. I will add another example; it will look like your mom and dad's wedding video because that was the only style available back then.

The type of editing used by wedding videographers is little to none, no artistic camera angles and the audio quality is not good. Have you ever seen “that videographer” at a wedding … a huge tripod on wheels and standing in the same spot on the dance floor during the whoooole wedding? I’m getting sleepy just by thinking about it. What’s the end product? A long and boring wedding video with mostly dancing scenes and people eating. I promise, a lot of fast-forwarding will be needed.

Wedding Cinematography.

Wedding Cinematography is an art form unique to motion pictures and it is the making of lighting and camera choices when recording images. There are many factors that go into the art form known as Wedding cinematography such as image sensor, camera lens, depth of field and focus, framing, lighting and camera movement. A script in Wedding Cinematography will be the itinerary of the wedding day, plus a “plan of action” sets wedding cinematographers **apart from Traditional **wedding videographers. ** Professional audio is another characteristic that makes **wedding cinematography a better option for couples looking to capture the emotions of the wedding day. **Cinematographer **record ambient audio during the getting ready, ceremony and wedding reception to document voices, conversations and sounds that helps them document the event in a more journalistic way.

The editing with cinematography style takes a lot more detail, knowledge and time. When you get a Wedding Cinematography package with** Miguel Angel Photography & films**, the final product depends on what package you choose, your wedding film will be about 15-35 minutes in length. Each wedding is unique and each couple has their own requests, so it is good to talk with us before your wedding about the vision you have for your wedding film. No two weddings **are the same. This cinematic style** of capturing your day is what gives our wedding films a unique look and feel. We include a decorated DVD case and a menu with all our Wedding Films.

Each moment only happens once, and we believe the images and videos surrounding these moments should do more than just document them – they should illustrate the pure joy & beautiful love underneath.

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