Jackie And Gabriel

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Gabriel and I would like to first thank God for blessing us with Miguel Angel and his, amazing wife, Johanna. From the first day we met them both, we knew that he would exceed our expectations for our wedding photography and video. Gabriel and I have 4 beautiful children that would be sharing this special day with us, so it was very important that Miguel bond with our children too. Instead of doing your typical engagement shoot, we decided that we would plan for a family/engagement shoot with our children. We felt this would allow our kids to capture what true love is and engage in the moment with us. Miguel did an amazing job with our family/engagement session considering the weather. What we loved the most was that Miguel was open to any suggestions we had as far as poses and props. He wasn’t your typical boring photographer that does the same poses in all his photo shoots (which you can see in his portfolio). He also has a great imagination on what he knows will work best for the moment. The kids had a blast with Miguel’s famous “jajaja” (ok we did too), not to forget that they all loved being the center of attention. My bridal shoot followed weeks after the engagement session, and that was when it settled in that in a couple of months everyone would see me as a bride. Miguel took some extraordinary and very detailed pictures of me that day and the guest at the reception loved those pictures at the entrance. They looked like photos you could clip from a wedding magazine! It was those very moments that I was very appreciative of the gift that Miguel had. We looked forward to what he would have in store for us on our wedding day. December 29, 2012 came around and it was time for us to shine. Miguel, his wife, and his crew spent the entire day with Gabriel and me. He captured the little details that we probably would have least expected. My getting- ready session with my mother, sister and maid of honor was one of the most relevant moments of that day. He made that moment with my mother so unforgettable. We can’t wait to see all the lasting memories and laughs that he caught throughout the church ceremony, dinner and reception. I am sure he had a blast with our kids, family and friends too (a bit of silly crowd). We tried to make all the pictures funny, loveable but yet enduring at the same time. I thank you so much for the professional work that you did for our wedding. We declare and wish many blessings upon your lives and hope that you continue to bless the lives and weddings of future bride and grooms on their special day.

With love, Gabriel & Jacqueline Exinia